Alison James

Alison works extensively with children, doing summer Enchantment Camps, the Way of the Bard, and the annual Borderlands performances. She is available for select speaking engagements. She is a gifted instructor for adults and a memorable school presenter.

Treewild Forest Classroom

A year-round outdoor education program. Children take one day a week away from traditional or home school and spend it outdoors. The hands-on field work fosters deep curiosity, wild creativity and sensitive kindness.

The Way
the Bard

A group of teens built a tiny house to fund their journey to Wales. Working together for years, their performance art encourages people to be more inclusive, awake, and proactive.

Enchantment Camps
for young Wizards

Spend summers in Vermont learning the power of real and imaginary magic! Courses in herbalism, animal communication, spells, potions, ancient legends and divinations.