Alison James


Living on the edge of the magical world brings wonder to everyday life. My books celebrate that magic, and the courage it takes to be alive.

"Stories can conquor fear, you know.
They can make the heart bigger."

Note for the SEASON

The great horned owl calls,
a tufted shadow at the top
of the walnut tree
Indoors, the dog howls
worrying the coyotes
who shun any light
but the moon

About Me

Author, Translator, Faerie Woods Enchantress... come into my wild wood and I will tell you a story...


From picture books to YA novels, plays and screenplays, poetry and short stories - my writing career has been full of adventures.

Events & Workshops

Welcome to Treewild, where music and story merge. Concerts, summer camps, theatrical events, and astonishing school visits.

New Book Coming Soon!


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